RD5 Italian Luxury is a new agency based in the UK  representing  a portfolio of unique Italian luxury furniture brands.

We want to offer you the opportunity to delve into the reality of the best Made in Italy supply-companies for Interiors. This means superior quality.

RD5 supplies contactors, architects and designers with furniture, inlaid wooden floors, stone works, antiques, luxury lights, precious furnishings and much more.

According to the Italian tradition, our artisans still  use the same raw materials that made the Italian art great and, above all, they cherish an old knowledge and a great passion for aesthetic. A blend of masterful design and artisan technique.

RD 5 also provides technological devices for home theatres and video surveillance, designed and made in Italy.

Offering a wide range of luxury solutions and suppliers, RD 5 enables customers to live a fully bespoke experience, whichever their luxury dream!

Italian Soul Luxury Interior